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I added a video of some of my artwork to the gallery.


p>I overhauled the site quite a bit, visually. There are still dead links and outdated information all over the place, but maybe i'll fix some of that soon...ish. I also added a few bits to my bio page.

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12 Rounds is a great band with spooky vocals and a really unique sound. This page has MP3's, pics of the band, and a great discussion board that members of the band often visit.

A Perfect Circle

Rasputina's official page. the Cure's official page.

The Official Nine Inch Nails' official page.

Pop Will Eat Itself

Negativland's site.

Prick: Kevin McMahon's bands' site.

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This is
the official Sifl & Olly page, featuring videos to download and song lyrics.

Cartoon Network

[adult swim]

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Myths about Goth: They just aren't true, kids. Consider yourself educated... or something.

The Dark Side of the Net: tons of links to websites (including mine). Lots of good stuff here.....

Tina the Troubled Teen
Tina the Troubled Teen
Come back and visit Tina often, she'll have something new to say to you almost every day.

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video games is a great site about all the old video games you remember from days past. It has a game of the week section, a mailbag, and downloads. This page will bring back lots of gaming memories.

G4, the video game network where you can occasionally hear my name, or my voice.

Castle Infinity is a really early MMOG thatwas literally resurrected after being thrown out. It's a fun little exploration game where you can collect body parts for your avatar, defeat monsters, save the Dinosaurs, and gain points to become the best in the Castle. Try it out.

Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari are two of the best video games ever made. Go here for wallpapers, fan art, screenshots, and other game-related things.

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Ask Sister Rossetta

a hilarious page featuring the Lavender Nun.

Find out a lot about the one known as Lilith.

Do not recieve the mark of the beast! It warns you in the Bible not to receive the mark of the beast. It might happen and you wouldn't even know it. Find out how here, along with other *interesting* Christian(?) information.....

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Here is a link to
Beanworld: lots of info on a great comic.

Here's a great Sandman site dedicated to the best piece of illustrated literature ever created.

And here is, Neil's official site. It has Neil's journal, tour info, news, info on his books and comics, a picture gallery, and tons more. It has pretty much everything about Neil you could want to know. You can even buy his books there.

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anime is a great cosplay site with really high-quality costumes of some of my favorite characters (Chun Li, Mai Shiranui, Felicia, and even Pikachu), and a huge links section to other cosplay sites.

Gaia Online anime roleplaying community
Gaia Online ia a great site with message boards, art galleries, and chat, and you get to create and personalize your own avatar. Anime fans should check out this site. has info on the Cowboy Bebop movie, and the only official site right now since the regular official site seems to be down at the time of this posting., the official site for all things Gundam. is an official Tenchi Muyo! page with an episode guide, character profiles, and even games and coloring pages.

Toonami and Adult Swim, Cartoon Network's homes for lots of anime.

Anime Unleashed: G4 shows entire anime series, one after the other, on late night TV, pretty much unedited.

Hamtaro! The official site of the seriously cute, kid-friendly anime featuring Hamtaro and all his "hamm hamm" (hamster) friends. Games, episode guides, coloring pictures, toys, and character guides are all on this site.

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Here are some English-language blogs that report on random things relating to Japanese culture. Japanese news feed. Vote for your favorite stories.

Michael John Grist: Articles on various Japanese subjects, and people, with a lot of cool posts about abandoned buildngs and towns. a site focusing on Japanese music. I've discovered a lot of my favorite bands here.

Lost In Japan: another good one.

PeterPayne.Net, J-list Side Blog the blog of Peter Payne who runs J-list, which imports lots of great Japanese products. Each post has a few things about Japan, and a list of new products J-list is carrying.

Outpost Nine: I am a Japanse School Teacher: Azrael's editorials about being an English teacher in Japan, full of absolutely hilarious stories of the stuff his students do to him, stories of the classroom, and life in Japan in general.

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other stuff

Hello Kitty! And of course, all of her friends: Keroppi, Badtz Maru, My Melody, the Lil Twin Stars, and many more. How cute can one thing be?

FifthDream the Peophin
Get your Neopet here!

NeoPets! Here's a page where you can adopt some very cute virtual pets. These pets can play games with you, read, learn, and even battle. The site features lots of games you can play, such as slot machines, blackjack, poker, and hide and seek, to name a few. There are also auctions, shops, and many other areas to explore. I spend hours in Neopia with my pet Peophin named FifthDream. Once you sign up and have a pet, visit my shop, Fifth Dream Today.

Furcadia is a really cool chat/role playing world where you get to take the form of a humanoid animal and walk around an RPG-like map. Choose from equine, feline, canine and other forms, customize your looks, and enter a fantasy world full of (mostly) friendly Furres. Download the program here and see what it's like. You can find me there as a black-furred, red-haired feline named FifthDream. Come by and say hi. ;)

Pez! I collect Pez Dispensers. I have quite a few. (I lost count of how many, exactly.) Go here to see rare dispensers and see ones that aren't out yet.

My favorite candy is Jujubes. Go here to find out about them.

Internet Version [Naruhodo no Mori] Home science experiments for mothers of elementary school children by Yumiko Mori". A long title for a wonderful Japanese site of science experiments for children. The writing style is fantastic. Here's an excerpt: "Most people would not believe it possible to do fireworks in water. Common sense is 'fire is extinguished by water'. When I faced the reality of fireworks burning in water, my common sense was turned over completely. If your thought is always based on common sense, you may be restraining your mind. Common sense is not always right. I felt my mind has become a little more flexible due to this experiment."

Haruki Murakami is an incredible author. the homepage of my favorite theoretical phsyicist, Dr. Michio Kaku. has hilarious articles about video games, cartoons, toys, movies, food, all mostly stuff from the 80's, with the occasional fieldtrip or oddity thrown in... Lots of things i loved as a kid and still love today.

Jelly Belly, the original gourmet jelly bean. Mmm, jelly beans. Go to this site and you can even win some free ones.....

Jujubes, my favorite candy.


This is great. Take a highly illegal tour through an abandoned missile base, with extensive pictures and descriptions. Really creepy.....

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This is Google. It's Google. Tada.

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